"Like Margaret Fuller and Emily Dickinson, her contemporaries of the mid-nineteenth century, Fanny Fern was an American woman far ahead of her time. Debra Brenegan has brought the drama of Fanny Fern's story to life in her carefully researched and stirring biographical novel Shame the Devil. There is an authenticity to every page brimming with the flavor of Fern's era and the drama of her insurgence against puritanical social mores and unjust patriarchal laws. The characterization of the young rebellious Sara Willis, later to be known as the famous columnist Fanny Fern, in the beginning pages of the book is lively and endearing and sets the stage for the pioneering adventures that follow. The reader will find it hard to put down this book as it takes one on a thrilling and adventurous journey into the life of a great American humanitarian--an advocate of women's and children's rights who forged her way into the American mind, leaving behind a rich legacy of accomplishment upon which we continue to thrive in our struggle to progress toward being fully decent and enlightened humans."
Daniela Gioseffi, author of Wild Nights, Wild Nights: The Story of Emily Dickinson's "Master," Neighbor and Friend and Bridegroom

"Brenegan's Fanny Fern is a marvel--fiercely determined, passionate, and alive with a strikingly modern wit. Shame the Devil is a fine tribute to the writer who paved the way for generations of women."
Kelly O'Connor McNees, author of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott

"In her wide-ranging way, Debra Brenegan turns an age of great social and artistic change--for the races, for women, for the country--into a narrative of compelling characters. This novel emerges from history and becomes something more valuable--great literary art. Brenegan's Fanny, her family, and the cluster of historical characters come to us complicated and whole, demanding our attention."
Robert Stewart, editor of New Letters

“Debra Brenegan will undoubtedly receive high praise for her superb portrait of Fanny Fern. Readers will gain an insightful look at this overlooked author and her firsthand account of American society during her time.”
Historical Novels Review

"Shame the Devil ~ A beautiful biographical, feminist novel of Fanny Fern, contemprary of Alcott and Dickinson" read the entire review
The Bookish Dame

"Debra Brenegan has written a masterful work of literary genius that is not only historically accurate, but also a work of fiction that is extremely readable. Brenegan had my full attention within the first few pages and thereafter, there was never a moment that I wasn’t anxiously awaiting each turn of the page." read the entire review
Five Alarm Book Review

"Debra Brenegan has written a great story about Fanny Fern. I recommend this for anyone that is interested in woman studies and truly wants to learn more of the past with such strong characters intact though each part of Fanny s life." read the entire review
April's Cooking and Lifestyle Show

"Much of this excellent novel is likely based on reality. Brenegan's use of "faction," a fiction-ish offshoot of the traditional biography, is the perfect approach for an insightful look at Fern's inner world as well as the persona she revealed to the public." read the entire review
ForeWord Reviews Magazine

"I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good historical piece with a believable and enjoyable writing style." read the entire review
Mad Moose Mama

"If you are a fan of historical fiction, this is definitely worth your time." read the entire review
Book Belle

"This is one of the better novelizations of a factual person's life I've read." read the entire review
—Amy L. Campbell, A Librarian's Life in Books

"I very highly recommend this book! The writing is excellent and the story is simply amazing! I love a story that takes real historical figures and facts and adds just enough fiction to turn it into a novel." read the entire review
—Life in Review

"I laughed, I raged and I cried while reading Shame the Devil – all sure signs of a good read." read the entire review
—What Women Write

"Brenegan’s prose is sparse and spot-on. . .  I am most grateful to Debra Brenegan for bringing her [Fanny Fern] to life so beautifully." read the entire review
—Smoky Talks Books

"The story has many facets, and I don’t think I could touch on them all, and certainly couldn’t do them justice—this is a must read book! The storyline flows perfectly, is never stilted or boring and is true to historical fact." read the entire review

"Author Debra Brenegan did an exceptional job writing this inspiring and engrossing biography. She not only writes with very vivid detail, but she did so in a way that truly made Fanny and her surroundings seem real." read the entire review
—History and Women: Women's Biographies and Historical Fiction

"I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in strong female characters or historical fiction." read the entire review
—Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews